Skribit introduces groups feature

Skribit had shut down on 2011–04–19.

Skribit I am still following Skribit service closely. For those who hadn’t read earlier posts – it allows bloggers to take suggestions from readers in convenient form. You can see Skribit links around my blog and widget in my about and social pages.

Groups feature had been added recently. It is running but no official links yet so I am breaking news for once. It allows bloggers that use Skribit to create and join groups on specific topics. Suggestion made in such group is sent to all its members.

So bloggers get more suggestions and readers can pitch their questions to multiply bloggers.

Skribit groups http://skribit.com/groups/

My group on portable software http://skribit.com/groups/portable-software

Skribit page for my blog http://skribit.com/blogs/www-rarst-net

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  • Lyndi #

    I have noticed the links on your blog but as usual procrastination always seems to win. Today is the day I am going to investigate this. Thanks for the link.
  • Rarst #

    @Lyndi Yeah, links are not working too well. I am waiting for next version of widget, current one is bit too heavy to put it in sidebar on every page. Overall Skribit is like promoting RSS all over again. It's good but people are clueless about it. :)