• Nice info!, Thanks for sharing.

  • I think this is something which is quite unique, but with my own hand writing ability I would never consider something like this. I would leave people more confused!

  • @Mohit

    You are welcome. :)

    @keyword pitch

    Well, I think it is worth doing even if you are only person to see that font. As blogger I had perfect excuse to scare others with mine. :)

  • Nice, thanks for sharing. I have put a link to the site on my blog. Are you interested in link exchange with me?

  • @Hardeep Singh

    I’m always willing to share something nice. :) Put which link? Dropped by at your blog and seems like it wasn’t updated in a while.

    And nope, I don’t do link exchanges at moment.

  • @ Rarst

    I think one of the good uses would be business cards or business stationary. Possibly not for a large organisation but more of a self employed or smaller business.

  • @web design preston

    For something small – write and scan would probably work better. Font is needed for either large amount of text or something auto-generated.

    And sheer geek fun of course. :)

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