Turn your handwriting into font at YourFonts.com


MakeUseOf had covered YourFonts some time ago and it seemed like a nice thing for those rare days when I am insanely bored.

So armed with pen and Canon MF4120 (which is scanner among other things) I tried that one.

What it does

YourFonts takes your handwriting (by using a scanner) and turns it into TrueType font file. Makes it usable as any other font for anything where font can be chosen.


  1. Download template.
  2. Print it.
  3. Fill in letters.
  4. Scan filled template.
  5. Upload image back to YourFonts.
  6. Download your font.

It looks like many steps but it is all very simplified and site provides excellent explanations and advice for each step.




Not impressive, yeah? Except of having nice handwriting I suggest you use thick black pen and try really careful to make letters line up. I tried pretty hard (as for me) and still ended up with jumpy, uneven lines.


YourFonts take classic geek I-want-to-type-instead-of-writing fantasy and make it achievable without much hassle. I admit that result is of questionable value but it is easy, fun and worth doing once.

Site is completely free as of writing but warns about switching to pay model in the future.

Link http://www.yourfonts.com/

By the way on topic of geek fantasies Geeks Are Sexy warned about those today. :)

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  • Mohit #

    Nice info!, Thanks for sharing.
  • web design preston #

    I think this is something which is quite unique, but with my own hand writing ability I would never consider something like this. I would leave people more confused!
  • Rarst #

    @Mohit You are welcome. :) @keyword pitch Well, I think it is worth doing even if you are only person to see that font. As blogger I had perfect excuse to scare others with mine. :)
  • Hardeep Singh #

    Nice, thanks for sharing. I have put a link to the site on my blog. Are you interested in link exchange with me?
  • Rarst #

    @Hardeep Singh I'm always willing to share something nice. :) Put which link? Dropped by at your blog and seems like it wasn't updated in a while. And nope, I don't do link exchanges at moment.
  • web design preston #

    @ Rarst I think one of the good uses would be business cards or business stationary. Possibly not for a large organisation but more of a self employed or smaller business.
  • Rarst #

    @web design preston For something small - write and scan would probably work better. Font is needed for either large amount of text or something auto-generated. And sheer geek fun of course. :)
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