Why are you reading my RSS feed?

RSS Yesterday DailyBlogTips had a post with extensive list of tips for increasing number of RSS subscribers . It is supposed to help bloggers like me, who are currently outsiders in Blogging Idol . I am barely in top 40 at moment.

One tip really caught my attention.

Use testimonials on your “Subscribe” page ”. I know why I provide RSS feeds (recent posts and software updates ), consider them important and valuable for my readers. I have all that written on my updates page . But I am on other side of glass here and that had clouded my judgment in the past.

So tell me – why are you reading my feed ? Do you find it convenient? Less trouble than visiting blog? Do not want to miss update? Only want tiny part of content and use feed to monitor for it? Waiting for parts of ongoing series? Whatever else?

I’ll put all (or select part in unlikely case I get too much) testimonials on my updates page with link to your site/blog and such. :)

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  • It’s pretty simple for me: I just love the blog. I mean, I don’t always find useful every application you review, but I still read the blog everyday just in case you review a software that could make my life so much easier! You know you already made my life easier with some of your reviews.

    I just like reading you, nothing else really.

  • @Ben

    To sum it up – you like blog overall and don’t want to miss reviews on software that fit your needs. Otherwise no point in subscribing to feed for a blog you visit daily anyway, right? :)

    btw you can always pitch me tasks for which you could use good software. I actually have bit of trouble choosing what software titles to post about. Wide field.

    Ok, keep them coming, my precious readers! This is kinda sloooow so far. Ben’s testimonail will be feeling lonely and we don’t want that. :)

  • I subscribe to feeds so that I can see (through my Google side bar) pretty quickly if there’s an interesting or important article that I should read. It’s one of those “instant gratification” things that we are so addicted to.

    Yes, I drop in here 3 times almost every day, but if you write something and post it between those times or after my last time, then I won’t be the first or second to comment on it. :)


  • @Margaret

    So for you it’s keeping fast pace I guess.

    >Yes, I drop in here 3 times almost every day

    You mean on blogs in general or on mine here? :) If latter I am glad you like my blog that much, lol.

  • On yours specifically — from my 3 persona ;)


  • @Margaret

    Wow, that seems… overdedicated. :)

  • Rarst.net always has rocking content to offer and i do not wish to miss out on any updates.

    And good luck for Blogging Idol.
    Also, i sent you a mail about a guest post, did you get it?

  • @Farrhad

    Not to miss anything for you, noted. :) Glad to see you unlurk and commenting.

  • I’m a regular reader of this blog since its startup but I’m not a suscriber. Reason? I prefer dropping by personally. :)

    One of the things I like most about your blog, Rarst, is that you don’t overwhelm people with too many posts a day. I mean, in my case, I’m following 20+ blogs and it’s really impossible to read all the posts every day.

  • @Ky

    Also a very valid strategy. :)

    Overwhelm? Good post every day is already [almost] impossible in my opinion. Blogs that have numerous posts every day are either team effort or crap.

  • >> Overwhelm? Good post every day is already [almost] impossible in my opinion. Blogs that have numerous posts every day are either team effort or crap.

    @Rarst: Yeah, that’s the point. Many blogs are having 10+ posts a day, most of them being spam posts about the latest hype. That’s why I like yours. :)

  • @Ky

    Yeah, you know that I especially hate hype. Cynical me. :)

  • @Rarst
    You are right, i should get someone to make one for me

  • @tech news

    Ehm? :) You mean twitter or something else?

  • @Rarst: Got a cartoon of me done, using it as a gravatar. It is a really ugly and old version of me. (How old do you think i am looking at the pic? :p)

  • @Farrhad

    I am not good at determining age, that pic can be anything between 12 and 22 for me. :)

  • haha I just turned 15.
    But is it good? :p

    • @Farrhad

      Yeah, look clean, original and scales well. :) Good for gravatar.

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