Introducing Appnews.net – awesome software updates

How to deal with software updates was one of the issues I knew I had to solve in the very start. It’s pitiful when good titles get buried and forgotten as posts age. Digest update posts are too much of a routine for my taste. So I created software updates feed and it was good (as well as moderately successful).

Gradually desire to improve and new ideas started to pile up around it.

And Appnews.net was born – joint project of Rarst, Freeware Genius and gHacks (blogs you know and love, and if you don’t – you should :) to bring you more software, more updates and more reviews.

What it does

Appnews is intersection between blogs that combines together software featured on all of them.


  • more software titles to choose from;
  • more reviews and opinions to get fullest information;
  • more updates to stay secure and enjoy latest functions.

How it works

Creation of my (bored on vacation) mind, Appnews is beautiful mess of cool user and developer technologies.



  • Dropbox handles synchronization of data;
  • RarstRSS (official name for big mess of AutoIt code) provides editor, stores information about updates and creates raw RSS feed;
  • FeedBurner syndicates and stores official feed that is further syndicated to blog sidebars and @appnews (via twitterfeed) on Twitter;
  • SimplePie turns RSS into XHTML code that through modified Aer theme becomes actual Appnews site;
  • Google Custom Search Engine provides easy search across all blogs at the same time;
  • AddThis and some extra buttons allow to easily save or share links to software.

Get updates conveniently

Want another way to get updates? Just say!


Appnews is first joint project for me and huge development for software updates feed that started as simple feature to provide more value for my readers.

I hope you will like it!

Tell me what you think in the comments and I would really appreciate if you spend a minute and share/mention Appnews on social sites of your choice.

Link http://appnews.net/

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  • Sjeltur #

    Real nice one - surely a site which became a proud member of my bookmarks... !!
  • Rarst #

    @Sjeltur Thanks! I am sure it will be comfy and happy in your bookmarks. :)
  • Rob Dunn #

    That is just awesome - great work Rarst!
  • Rarst #

    @Rob Thanks for your support! :) I glad that Appnews formula clicks with so many fellow techies.
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