• You’ve got my two clicks. Good luck.

  • @Lyndi

    Thank you very much. :) I woke up to found myself in the lead today. Too much time ahead for it to matter this early but still it is awesome.

    Thanks everyone for their votes! :)

  • kelltic

    You got it! Not just ’cause I like you, but because it was a great article.

  • @kelltic

    Thank you! :) WordPress IS significant part of this blog so I naturally had a bit to say about it.

  • JeeMan

    Clickety click. Done. But wait… Darn, you are second now. :(

    Ah well, good luck Rarst! You can do it!

  • @JeeMan

    Thanks! :) Voting will go for a month (stretching too far in my opinion) so it barely started. Who knows how will it turn out.

  • Transcontinental

    Done! Right now, rarst.net is in position #2 : get committed, my friends :)

  • @Transcontinental

    Thanks, much appreciated! Any position is fine as long as I know there are readers that like my blog to the great extent of making few clicks for it. :)

    Blog’s first birthday is coming in few days. I can’t even remember how was it to blog without getting such awesome comments and having so many regular readers.

    You all rock! :)

  • Transcontinental

    Rarst > I know what you mean and, being a regular reader of rarst.net, I know as well what your priorities are. But there are no incompatibilities between achieving an interesting blog and wishing a hosting prize. Like kelltic said, because your article was just great. I’d add also that your blog is very interesting, I guess I appreciate some of your in-depth views which target the Web beyond the traditional aspects of savvy topics: after all, questions are always essential as well as answers.
    Good luck and, whatever, keep up the good work (as Americans put it!) !

  • @Transcontinental

    Prize remark is just a joke. :) Some people jump on contests with desperation of drowning man to lifeboat and I didn’t want to sound like such.

    Prizes are nice, as well as group writings can be refreshing change of pace… But in the end of the day this blog stands with or without them just fine.

    Thanks for appreciation, your comments and trust in this blog! :)

  • Robert Palmar

    Vote. A worthy winner, Rarst.
    Third place at the moment.
    The Bronze medal so far.

  • Got my 2 clicks… Hope you win!


  • @Robert Palmar

    Thank you! :) As for place will see how it goes.


    Hope is nice but clicks are even better. :) Thanks for your support of my blog in this matter and (more importantly) all the time.

  • You got my two clicks too :) You’re third right now, not a bad score!

  • @Jean-Baptiste


    I am competitive so I’d prefer first obviously, but I also admit my community is not exactly breathing fire on most days. Makes sense because that’s not like me either. :) Aren’t we dark pragmatic bunch here, hehe.

  • @Ravin

    Thank you!

    PS and I hope July ends soon so I can remove sticky post, bored with it. :)

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