• These comics are definitely appearing more and more these days. Maybe it is the kid in me, but I love them. They normally convey their message in a very efficient and of course, funny way.

  • @Lyndi

    Comic strips predate Internet by decades but still seem so fitting online. :) They are very cool way to convey thoughts for artists I think.

  • @Jacob

    Thanks for link, will check it out. :)

  • I have actually been thinking of hiring an artist to draw weekly cartoons for the Madmouse Blog. I was thinking of having the mouse beat up the cat or the mouse being more like a professor and teaching.

  • @Madmouse

    Good idea considering your established mascot! Power of unusual things is that they are noticed by people much more easily.

  • @Richard Mesquita

    Yeah, Dilbert is good. :) Thanks for suggestion, will check it out.

  • Peter

    Thanks for some good ones—here is one http://www.whattheduck.net just make sure you spell it right or you go to some very dark corners

  • @Peter

    Welcome to blog and thanks for the link (blog took care of codifying it so we all are safe from dark side). :)

  • @Altiris_Grunt

    Went and browsed through few strips. :) Jokes are not too bad, but I don’t like style. Too many of everything in the picture and kinda unclear.

  • @Altiris_Grunt

    Oh, charming social media hate. :) I think I’ll try to follow this one. Thanks!

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