Comic strips as ultimate form of tech humor

In recent years I was skipping most of humor online. It is inconsistent – there are only so many anecdotes or tech stories I find funny. Reading archives to find those is easily most useless and time consuming type of browsing ever.

I’d prefer something:

  • consistent;
  • bite-sized;
  • coming to me in RSS.

I have rediscovered tech humor online in form of comic strips.

Being five



Comic is about kid that manages an audio blog (too young to type). He shares his daily life and often presents opinions on widely known events like Christmas or economical recession. Comic is far from very technical but kid’s wisdom about blogging is miraculous at times.

Home http://beingfive.blogspot.com/

RSS http://beingfive.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

Site that got me hooked http://www.asktheadmin.com/




Long running comic about life in office. It has numerous characters of various archetypes and clashes them in cooler talk and other office activities. Sometimes it is bit technical, sometimes it is something that can happen in any office.

Home http://www.dilbert.com/

RSS http://feedproxy.google.com/DilbertDailyStrip

Site that got me (recently re)hooked http://jobmob.co.il/




Comic covers various subjects I can roughly describe as geek-related. :) Sometimes jokes are so technical they are hard to understand, sometimes it is something totally tech-unrelated. I think it requires getting used to. If you do like it – good source of ROFL-level stuff.

Home http://xkcd.com/

RSS http://xkcd.com/rss.xml

Site that got me hooked http://stackoverflow.com/questions/84556/whats-your-favorite-programmer-cartoon

Do you read comic stripes? Share them in the comments! :)

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  • Lyndi #

    These comics are definitely appearing more and more these days. Maybe it is the kid in me, but I love them. They normally convey their message in a very efficient and of course, funny way.
  • Rarst #

    @Lyndi Comic strips predate Internet by decades but still seem so fitting online. :) They are very cool way to convey thoughts for artists I think.
  • Rarst #

    @Jacob Thanks for link, will check it out. :)
  • Madmouse Blog #

    I have actually been thinking of hiring an artist to draw weekly cartoons for the Madmouse Blog. I was thinking of having the mouse beat up the cat or the mouse being more like a professor and teaching.
  • Rarst #

    @Madmouse Good idea considering your established mascot! Power of unusual things is that they are noticed by people much more easily.
  • Richard Mesquita #

    I love those strips. I have been reading Dilbert for years. You should check out this comic strip...Not that I am biased or anything like that. Rich Mesquita Manager http://www.mypetvideos.tv/ThePublicWorks
  • Rarst #

    @Richard Mesquita Yeah, Dilbert is good. :) Thanks for suggestion, will check it out.
  • Peter #

    Thanks for some good ones---here is one www.whattheduck.net just make sure you spell it right or you go to some very dark corners
  • Rarst #

    @Peter Welcome to blog and thanks for the link (blog took care of codifying it so we all are safe from dark side). :)
  • Altiris_Grunt #

    Take a peek here: http://www.userfriendly.org/
  • Rarst #

    @Altiris_Grunt Went and browsed through few strips. :) Jokes are not too bad, but I don't like style. Too many of everything in the picture and kinda unclear.
  • Altiris_Grunt #

    How about this: http://geekandpoke.typepad.com/geekandpoke/
  • Rarst #

    @Altiris_Grunt Oh, charming social media hate. :) I think I'll try to follow this one. Thanks!
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