• That’s funny because I was thinking about the exact same thing this week. There are a lot of services we rely on that are hosted by third parties and there are no guarantees these services will exist forever. Take Feedburner for example: the blogging community relies on it, what if tomorrow the service dies for whatever reason?

    The same goes for a lot of other services and that’s why I try not to put the “core” of my activities into another business hands.


  • So, to summarize it all:

    1) Look for backup function in services that you use.
    2) Never put too much trust in the whole cloud-computing hype.

    Drat. Now you make me more paranoid Rarst. I better go reorganize my email and Delicious now.

  • @Ben

    Yeah, there is a lot of fuss about Feedburner lately. I think it’s bit overhyped. Anyway I had my feeds set up with MyBrand so I have control over feed URLs and can leave FeedBurner any time if I want to. :) Again – good and free function that increases your control over stuff but how many bloggers bother to use it?


    That was kinda my goal. :) We don’t think about web services the same way about local apps (install, save files, make backup, move to another app). But we should.

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