• Sometimes I also have this kind of issues, but I disconnect my internet connection, refresh and connect again. It works for me this way.

  • @template_uni

    You mean refresh while disconnected? Yeah, that probably works as mild kick to browser cache. Although cleaning cache completely is more thorough.

  • @Saurabh

    I prefer IsMyBlogWorking, it provides a lot of useful details on top of alive check.

    Also site being up is not always same thing as service working properly.

  • hello,
    My friend who is using Windows 7 64 bit is having this problem with Internet explorer 8.Well in Chrome its working fine but in IE once she is logged in to Gmail all of sudden browser shuts down..i myself being a IT guy have no clue about this..well also i have done those you mentioned above..i would like to know any compatiblity issue with Gmail and Windows 7 64 bit..any ideas ???

  • @sudeep

    I try to stay really really far away from IE (and succeed at that most of the time).

    I find it highly unlikely for site to conflict with 64bit OS. My guess would be there is some broken plugin or toolbar that hooks into IE.

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