• Great resource. I tried it out and told me some information that I didn’t know about. I’ll get on working with the improvements momentarily. :)

  • @Talk Binary

    Glad it was of use, and yes there are some interesting details it provides. :)

  • Very informative article for bloggers like us. I just checked my site and found good amount of information which helps a lot. Thanks for the information about this service. :)

  • @Mezanul

    You are welcome. :) Nowadays you don’t have to be proficient web-master to run site or blog so such tools help to catch and improve tech details.

  • @Rarst

    Thanks! You are true, now-a-days we really don’t need to be an expert in this fields. Even people who know only typing on the computer can run a blog or site. The free and easy to install scripts really help a lot, also the free blogging platforms like blogger, etc just needs you to type your content and publish! :)

    And this is what I like the most, making technology available to everybody and that too with “minimal overhead”. ;)

  • kelltic

    Does it tell you that in California, your blogs are not updated all weekend – or, as far as I can tell, on Mondays? On Tuesday mornings, Saturday’s, Sunday’s and Monday’s blogs all show up at once.

    I’ve always wondered if that is by design or something is amiss.

  • @kelltic

    Blogs=posts? That confuses me all the time. :) You mean live on site or in feed?

    I use quite agressive caching, but few days backlog sounds like too much. Posts are definitely going live, I am checking for that and validate them as posted as well.

    So its getting stuck somewhere at your proxy or browser or feed reader/service.

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  • kelltic

    Sorry, it confuses me too, and I no doubt used the term incorrectly. In my “post” your Blogs = Interesting and informative articles presented by Rarst.

    AND, maybe I have the days wrong. I just know that days go by with no new ARTICLES and then one morning there are three new ones.

  • @kelltic

    Next could you please try comparing with different browser? Are you (or your provider) using proxy server?

    I am curious already about issue. :)

  • kelltic

    Sorry for the long delay, but your post, #11 only showed up this a.m. No new blogs (articles) on either the 12th or the 13th – I took screen shots. Today (08/15/09 at 5:57 a.m.)there are 3 new ones – all at once – for 08/12/09, 08/13/09, and 08/14/09.

    No proxies. My browser is FireFox. I just looked at your site w/IE and it looks the same, which isn’t surprising, it is Saturday. I will check on both browsers next week.

  • @kelltic

    I am going to move to another hosting this weekend (unrelated). :) It just might fix your issues, otherwise I’ll think and get to you on how can it be properly tested.

  • @reboltutorial

    Not bad. :) It’s a pity my plate is too ful with programming languages at moment.

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