TechCult.com twists technology news

techcult_icon Lots of talking on likes and dislikes of tech blogs recently but it was getting theoretical.

One of the real tech blogs I really like reading is TechCult.


Unlike many blogs trying to be original, to the point of being totally not original, TechCult really lives up to its technology.twisted tagline.

  1. It takes boring tech news - like those about one more pink keyboard .
  2. It makes story out of it.
  3. Spices up with edgy opinion.
  4. And makes you want more of such.

TechCult manages to take tech news of “sickly boring” quality and turn them into nice read.


Design of TechCult is like someone decided to make RSS pretty. It is completely focused on content. No fluff, no widgets, limited navigation… It’s all about posts, related, posts, good posts, posts with plenty of discussion going and posts again.



Doesn’t even have about page or some kind of author highlights. Creates interesting feeling of personality belonging to blog itself with writers being merely tools to convey it.


TechCult matches my train of thought. Meaning where I see great stuff some may see collection of snarky linkbait. But what is linkbait if not cool stuff that people really like? In my opinion this blog is one of the most worth liking in tech niche.

Link http://www.techcult.com/

RSS http://feeds.feedburner.com/TechCult

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  • Ben Tremblay #

    Cool, I didn't know that blog, but looks cool. I don't visit too much tech blogs because my friends are so much into them and always report the best stories to me haha ;) Seriously, thanks for sharing.
  • Rarst #

    @Ben Well, you do read mine. :) And RSS is generally faster than friends. But filtering is worse.
  • Nihar #

    Thanks for introducing me to Techcult. will check it out. Thanks for sharing.
  • Rarst #

    @Nihar I like sharing good tech stuff, you know. :)
  • JR Raphael #

    Rarst, thanks for the kind words and the positive review -- a real pleasure to come across, and greatly appreciated! Best, JR Raphael TechCult
  • Rarst #

    @JR Raphael Least I can do. You are doing great job with TechCult, I really enjoy snarky style. See my tagline. :)
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