• Hey Rarst,

    What is this Skribit? Saw the site and got it like a digg or something like this.
    Is this your project? but i don’t see your name in Team of that.

    Concept looks to be good.But already we have many sites like this i guess.

  • No, it’s nothing like digg. It’s not promotion service, it’s service for bloggers to receive suggestion from their readers.

    1. reader has a question
    2. he punches that question in widget
    3. suggestion is shown in widget and on skribit site – people can add comments and discuss it
    3. blogger does post on that suggestion and reader gets email notification (if not anonymous) that his question was answered

    I am not employed by Skribit in any way, I simply like the idea. :) I think it’s showing readers that you not only willing to listen, but that you actually want to listen and to solve their problems by your blogging.

  • Ha just read a moment back. Idea is cool.

  • I’ve put it on my blog too. Haven’t customized it though.

  • @Ky

    Customization is nice but I mostly wanted it to be lighter. :) It’s weird when single widget is two times larger than rest of blog combined like first version is.

    Now it’s only a matter of making readers use it. I don’t lose hope – I mean I do get comments unlike first month or two. :)

  • Nice concept. I will also try adding it.

  • @Nihar

    Good luck with getting suggestions. :) The more blogs use it the more attention it will get. It’s like RSS all over again – good stuff but hard to make people notice and use.

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