FilterMyRSS.com – light online filter for feeds

I had featured more than once (ok, twice – Feed43 and Page2RSS) tools I use to keep up with pages that don’t provide RSS feed. But I accumulated few pages of other type – those that had provided too much in feed for subscribing.

So I visited my RSS bookmarks folder where tools try to pass test of time (I estimate ~80% die in their first year) and came up with FilterMyRSS – minimalistic and efficient filter for feeds.

What it does

One of those minimalistic web apps with a whole of single screen for interface.


It takes any RSS (no Atom support) feed as input, and runs it against keywords to include or exclude feed items from resulting feed.

Strong features

Well, it works and is older than one year. With latter being big deal for niche.

Aside from survival potential I liked a lot lack of signup and clear URL format, usable for scripting and such. It is hardly Yahoo Pipes but much faster and easier to use.


Straightforward tool that gets job done. Piped some feeds through it and will see how it fares under real usage.

Link http://www.filtermyrss.com/

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  • tigsfan #

    I'd also recommend checking out www.feedrinse.com for filtering your feeds. I've been using it for over a year and its fantastic.
  • Rarst #

    @tigsfan Heard about that one, but too lazy to register. Why bother if I can just as well create Yahoo Pipe where I am long registered, or use service without registration like subject? I am much more likely to use service that puts value before registration (I will be happy to register after I see it works for me). :)
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