• Wow, very humbling my friend. Nice one! ;)

    “Blog shaped by personality”
    none of those “10 fluffest fluff” posts

    These are really things I’m trying to do and I think we are on the same mindset regarding that just as you mentioned.

    I really laughed at the “dark side vibes”! While this is not something I’m trying to cover on the blog, sometimes I just feel I have to talk about it. Even though I think most people don’t necessarily listen to my “don’t do it” advices, honest people know how easy it is to “cheat”.

    “[todo:try to find navigation and take screenshot]”

    haha I know, I know…

    Again, nice one!

  • @Ben

    Glad you liked it. :) Let’s keep it all up through next year with out blogs!

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