Confessions of a freeware junkie - what name says

I made reference to thefreewarejunkie.com yesterday and it’s blog well worth review and adding to blogroll so here comes post on it. :)

Blog is run by Rob Dunn. I think I discovered it from freewaregenius blogroll and following it since. Blog is very focused on freeware with system utils, productivity and tweaks being strong themes (judging by tag cloud).

It’s worth noting that Rob sticks to more pure definition of freeware - his about page informs that he is not reviewing adware, apps with non-commercial limitations and such. In my opinion that leaves out some great apps and there are no such limits here (with complete info of course). On other hand I know that some people are very dedicated to “pure” freeware philosophy and Rob’s blog clearly fits their interests.

Link http://thefreewarejunkie.com/
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