• I like this. This is the perfect tool from the standpoint of a website developer as well. By running this you will know what attracts people and what not. This should point a developer into the right direction with regards to what should be put in more prominent places, or maybe even certain things that should be left out of a design. I am going to download now and install as soon as I have a bit of time to spend on it.

  • @Lyndi

    I suspected it might interest you.

    By the way in context of WordPress it could use some additional coding to separate different kinds of pages from each other. I was too lazy to add PHP into tracking code but I think it might be done nicely (hint). :)

  • Great find dude. and the nice thing is its free. :) heat maps are always useful but most of them are paid service

  • @Melvin

    Glad you like it. :) Yeah, I wish free mainstream analytics paid more attention to heat maps. Google Analytica has something like that but it’s far from good.

  • nice find bro but I’d also recommend using Google Analytics’ Site Overlay features with this.

    And if you want to analyze heatmaps in general, google for EyeTrack III report. Must read if you are designing template for your website.

  • @Whibb

    As above – I don’t like how that feature works in GA.

    Yeah, read that report. I don’t think it should be blindly followed (studies and real visitors are slightly different thigns after all) but interesting info. :)

    Link by the way:

  • Great one Rarst..i saw some of the tools like this,but as you said they are costing.

    I’ll give it try now.Thanks for sharing this man..really i love this.

  • @Lax

    Always glad to share quality freebie software. :)

  • Great info. Thank you very much rarst. This will really help analyze my blog and also improve it.

    Thanks again.

    One question. Have you checked about the speed/loading of the website? Is this working properly with WP Super Cache plugin?

  • @Nihar

    Glad you liked it. :) I hadn’t tested but I it should work with WP Super Cache, ClickHeat uses JAvaScript so doesn’t really care is page dynamic/cached/whatever.

  • Great Post.

    Heat maps are great tools for every webmaster as you can see what the visiters fin interesting and what they click on and where they click.

    Very Very handy.

  • @Teen Blogger

    Glad you like it and good luck with analytics if you want to implement those.

  • Does this tool gives visual results?

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