• Wow, you went to a lot of trouble here. Thanks so much for this. You have given me a lot to think about. I have quite a bit of Googling to do after all this. I will let you know when I find something that works well.

    Talking about long waiting periods. Just yesterday I received a pin number from Google Adsense via the post. This is the pin that is necessary to verify your postal address. This pin number was posted more than two months ago. Maybe I should move!

  • Remark with the payment possibilities;
    you have the western union one as a “white” one…

    BUT; you also have to look into “what possibilities do your customers have”.

    For example; in Holland the Western Union one is absolutely NOT recommended and knows as payment way for companies who do fraud. So our local banks are recommending us to not use them….
    Furthermore; some countries hardly use checks….. again Holland; in my whole life I only once touched a check…. at the company I work. So – this way will “scare away” a lot of customers.

  • @Lyndi

    No problem. :)

    It took me ~3 weeks to get Google pin but I rarely check mail so it could be sitting in mailbox for week (or more).

    btw I don’t remember but there is time limit on Google checks, if not cashed money are returned to AdSense account. Check it so you are sure check isn’t useless by the time it reaches you with such speed. They are providing express delivery options in some countries.


    I don’t care about customers cause I don’t have any. :)

    Local banks are often quite retarded. I have a bank who likes to block outgoing PayPal transactions claiming PayPal is “insecure”.

    Even if checks aren’t actively used banks can still handle them. It may take more time in such case but still it is better than nothing.

    And I think Holland is top of PayPal food chain with full suport and localized site. So don’t complain. :)

  • Nah – was also not worried about your customers… but about Lyndi’s… ;)

    I know my bank would accept checks – BUT if I can buy something online and I can choose between a normal (online) banktransfer OR creditcard OR check = the check option is never going to win.
    This way the way you treat payments within your company – can be very important if customers start to compare…. – customers are not only looking at the product….

    And I know; I do have a PayPal account also…. but we also have nice payments options like iDeal; would be nice if they could make that worldwide;

  • @shaam

    Thanks for the link, will look into it.


    I don’t go into setting up your store and such. That it more likely to work locally and with payment options common for country. On worldwide scale it’s pain, that’s the root of “let’s just work with PayPal” problem.

    My view is more about common stuff like advertising networks and other opportunities bloggers can sign up for.

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