• It’s good you get into twitter right now and analyze how you can make the most out of it! I agree/disagree on the morning/night posts. When it comes from friends I really don’t mind as it makes things more personal and answering a good morning back is no problem ;) I just love waking up and saying good morning to my twitter family hehe

    ANyway, good review of the pros and cons ;)

  • @Ben

    I actually like twitter unlike many other “social” sites. It seems updates will get bit overwhelming when I get more people to follow so I’ll just have to set cut off mark – read only last page of them or something.

  • Do you know what? I joined twitter yesterday itself. Need to know more about it and how to use it effectively.

  • @Nihar

    The more the merrier. :) http://twitter.com/nihar is this you?

    I need to learn about twitter myself but I keep reading that it’s important to keep personal approach there. Some people are just constantly spamming “visit my blog, visit my post” thinking they are “using twitter for promotion”… and everyone blocks them very quickly.

  • Am following you :)

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