Pricelessware – annual list of best freeware

pricelessware_icon List of best apps are quite common on software blogs and sites (I have yet do my take).

Some of them turn into long-running series and Pricelessware is one of the prime examples.

What it does

Pricelessware is a site that holds annual list of freeware, based on alt.comp.freeware newsgroup. It is quite extensive – 2008 version lists over 160 apps in numerous categories.

Selection of software

I can only say that numerous apps from the list were already covered here and rest will be in the future. Pricelessware list is quite distanced from usual hype and as many as known gems it also lists plenty of good but less known software.


Pricelessware is not a part of my usual search routine but it is excellent place to simply discover some new utility. It also holds great value of software history. Only way I know to refresh in memory what apps were hot and popular back in 2000. :)

Link http://www.pricelesswarehome.org/

By the way would you be interested to see such kind of list by Rarst.net?

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  • Drone #

    A great site for discovering open source alternatives to payware is at: www.osalt.com
  • Rarst #

    @Drone Yeah, nice one as well. :) Still I can't call myself open source enthusiast. I think that sticking to purely open source and excluding closed source freeware means limiting one's choice for little benefit.