Access slow or blocked sites with Coral cache

Proxies are common method to access sites, you can’t see directly. On other hand they are bothersome to look for and don’t really fit if you are using proxy already.

PicPick Tools homepage has started blocking me (no idea why, usually this is a case of crazy ant-spam plugin) and since I needed access for Appnews updates… I searched and found Coral – distributed content delivery system that can act as proxy and cache for online resources.

What it does

Coral’s goal is to provide free (for a change :) CDN solution that can help you solve network limitations for webmasters or people browsing either.



Technically it is network of servers (info puts quantity at hundreds, but site is outdated so I have no idea how is current state) that serve any web content through specially formatted URL.

To request something through Coral you simply append .nyud.net to domain in URL like https://www.rarst.net.nyud.net/

Strong features

Free and easy to use. Most of services in this area offer one but few offer both.


For web masters there are some limitations to consider:

  • serving files through Coral may add considerable resolve and connect time, up to 4 seconds from few quick speed tests I ran. If used for multiply files this may add up fast and ugly.
  • 50MB size limitation prevents from using it for really heavy content.

For browsing it works fine. Only inconvenience I encountered that there is no mode to change all resources on page to Coral – only page itself goes through cache and rest of stuff on it retains original URLs.


Unsure if this liable cache option for sites. Excellent alternative to proxies for browsing.

Link http://www.coralcdn.org/

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  • Transcontinental #

    Now that's a nice find! I've encountered as well some websites that seem to have linked themselves to a url forbidden by my system (anti-ad software, hosts file), or are just apparently not accessible at one time. I usually then check the url availability with http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/, and when I find out it's just for me then.... that's where this Coral Cache' will become the helping hand! Thanks a lot, Rarst :)
  • Rarst #

    @Transcontinental Nice indeed, Coral is around for number of years but they don't seem to get a lot of buzz going. Well, as long as it works for them and service keeps running. By the way I strongly recommend IsMyBlogWorking for such checks, it offers a lot of relevant information on top of check itself.