Enabling new StumbleUpon features

stumbleupon_icon StumbleUpon, which is one of the more known and popular social bookmarking services, announced some major new features. Including new in-page toolbar which will allow using service without having to install old toolbar (that is restricted to Internet Explorer and Firefox-like browsers).

As usual blogosphere hype overrode common sense.

No research done

Dialog between blogs and readers went like this:

- Hey, they have awesome new features!

- Ehm… Where?

- Are you dumb? Right there!

- I see nothing! Whom had you called dumb?!

Luckily you have cynical hype hating me

New features are not fully live yet. If you are signed in StumbleUpon you are currently being sent to old version of everything. There are some steps you must clear to access new toys according to announcement post in StumbleUpon blog (no one bothered to read).

  1. Join Beta group for switch to new version http://beta.group.stumbleupon.com/
  2. Use new toolbar by accessing it via http://www.stumbleupon.com/toolbar/

Is it any good?

Escaping browser dependencies is great leap for service. So far it is really raw beta and not fully integrated with existing accounts.

At least Opera users like me will soon have ability to use service without 3rd party workarounds or hopelessly waiting for official widget development to rise from dead.

By the way anyone up to some StumbleUpon network building? :) http://rarst.stumbleupon.com/

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  • Ben from frogstr #

    That's some good news, no need to install additional toolbar. I'm still trying to get away from SU though, I lost too much time stumbling all night! ;)
  • Adam #

    Ah...finally I can stay in Safari and use stumble. Honestly so far I've rarely used stumble due to me almost always being in safari so this new stumble will mean I'll finally use it a bit more.
  • Rarst #

    @Ben I don't use SU much exactly because of the toolbar needed so I don't have stumbling obsession [yet]. :) Anyway I usually have too much content from my RSS without resorting to looking for it. @Adam I totally second that! :) Except that I am on Opera. Welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting.
  • Lyndi #

    I like the new design at SU, the navigation has also been improved. The addictiveness coupled to SU is something to worry about. I have already spent quite a few nights stumbling all the way to sunrise. I cannot befriend you on SU, I do not trust strange men :-). Actually we are friends over there already. Thanks for this nice story on my favorite social site.
  • Rarst #

    @Lyndi SU is pretty original and serves interesting content. I will use it more when new features would work properly. Yep, thanks for stumbling my post about engaging readers by the way. :) You had easily... Ops, almost spoilered important post written for tommorow.
  • Nihar #

    Nice post. I will checkout the new SU features
  • Rarst #

    @Nihar Not much to check at moment, basically it is limited to stumbling and doing reviews as it is now. Beta.
  • Ky #

    Tried it a couple of days ago and although there're a few obvious improvements here and there, overall it hasn't impressed me.
  • Rarst #

    @Ky Developers seem optimistic. Maybe better stuff is coming later... or not. :)