iConvert – online image to all-platforms icons converter

iconvert_icon I tend to look for adequate balance of functions and complexity in software tools, but sometimes it is quick and dirty solutions that win the day.

iConvert was suggested by Klemen of brumec.org under post about how to add icon for flash drive. I got to try it today and I can say it is very streamlined way to get icon for any platform out of image.

What it does

iConvert is single-purpose online service that takes images as input and converts them into formats suitable to use as icon on common platforms – Windows, Linux and Mac.


Original image size is taken in account and for those format that contain multiply sizes only those that are less or equal to original will be generated.

Input and output

Aside from usual image formats quite a few more are supported – from Windows cursor files to vector-based SVG.

Only missing thing is probably ripping icons out of EXE and DLL files. Would still need proper icon editor like IcoFX for that.


One of those simple and efficient services that excel at choosing basic task and making it online and effortless. Perfect choice for anyone who only wants or needs to make icon out of image and not go further.

Link http://iconverticons.com/

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