• I would like to know who had enough time to develop that for free use by people; it’s quite a achievement. I mean, I’m building a system with my cousin, but that’s not going to be free, and it’s taking a while to make. But for sure not in our free time xD

  • @Noah

    Well, as post mentions this seems to be simple spin off by company that has solid commercial projects. :) Free and awesome tools are really nice way to get your services out.

  • Robert Palmar

    Neat niche search.
    This will save time when
    such searches are ever done.

    Bookmarklet is handy too. Great find.

  • This is amazing. I had no idea that something like this was even possible. I would assume the app will keep adding to its database, in other words if it finds no matches to a picture it will add that picture to its database. I can just see all those guys who sell photos on the Net doing thousands of these searches.

  • @Robert

    More of stash than find. :) I need to push on processing my bookmarks for blog posts a bit.


    Nope, query images are not added to database for privacy reason. Only crawled stuff gets in there, but you can submit sites to crawl.

    Their commercial products seem to be aimed exactly at clients like photographers, stock photo sites, etc.

  • @DataRat

    Well, I did poke Similar Images. Google’s database is more massive but TinEye is MUCH more precise.

    Google serves matches that are roughly similar in colors and shapes, TinEye snipers images that contain exactly same elements.

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