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softpedia_icon I had previously posted both on software developers’ sites (Nirsoft, Sysinternals) and software portals (FileHippo). I can say they have one thing in common - you may find what you seek there but you may fail as well.

Softpedia is software portal that is different in one way. Softpedia has everything for everyone. It has entries on hundreds of thousands of software titles. Software for all platforms (from desktop to handheld). Not limited to stand-alone software but including plugins, extensions and even widgets.

What I personally like most (aside from value of such massive collection in one place) is plenty of unbiased editorial reviews on popular software and that portal cares to host old software no longer available from developers.

Link http://www.softpedia.com/

RSS feeds http://www.softpedia.com/user/backend.shtml

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  • Lyndi #

    This is something I will look into. I love the idea of the 'old' software that is not available from the developer(s) anymore, being available. Thanks for the link, will go visit.
  • Rarst #

    Yeah, there are lots of software portals that merely link to software but very few that actually host downloads (FileHippo being one of such but that limits number of software titles they can support). Softpedia is mix of both. It mostly has links to developers' downloads but hosts old stuff on own servers. There are also instructions for torrent links but I hadn't yet seen them there. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Lyndi. :)
  • Jim Sefton #

    I have used that site a lot but I don't think I have ever gone there directly, only as the result of a google search. Either way it is very useful.
  • Rarst #

    @Jim Sefton Yep, it's really easy to to gey into softpedia from Google. It's large and one of the top traffic sites wordlwide. Makes it rank high in search.