• @Brad

    As post says – for a quote/note.

    For example if I want to quote part of smiley-heavy post from your blog in mine. How should I do it? Editing means changing your words, re-creating your smileys means hotlinking to your images (which may or may not work), etc.

    Sometimes I save stuff as notes in Opera sidebar. It works with plain text (only saves link to original).

  • I never really thought about it for the reason I never really had problems with smileys. I usually don’t use a lot of smileys, only the classics “;)” and “:)” so they display more or less the same on all platforms.

    I don’t like smileys “in-post”, I don’t think they look very professional so you shouldn’t have any problems copy-pasting my articles ;). In comments it’s OK though.

    You made me think…But I don’t see it as a crucial issue for me.

  • @Ben

    I never said issue is critical one. :) But personally I prefer graphical smileys disabled, less trouble that way.

  • I only disable graphical smileys in WP installations because some wp themes are really fond of using img border on every single image, including smilies. And since I’m often too lazy to add that extra line to css, I just go with “text mode”.

  • @Klemen

    Exactly. :) Why bother fixing something unneeded in first place.

  • @Klemen

    Yeah, I know that story. :) Must be good to have documented proof you invented something so symbolic.

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