• The blog is actually written by an Opera enginner, so it’s a good source for Opera tricks and news.

  • @Ky

    There are actually few authors there now. I only wish they posted bit more often.

  • The DataRat

    Most recent post seems to have been FIVE MONTHS AGO !

    Too bad. I just discover an Opera blog (thank you, Rarst!), and
    it’s moribund.

    Oh, well. It takes ~incredible~ determination and perseverance
    to keep up a public forum. ( DataRat knows, he has operated the
    same Christian forum on Yahoo Groups the past seven years. ) You
    really need to be into it for it’s own sake.

    If the owner doesn’t post in it daily, how can he expect readers
    to ? Hence the requirement for motivation must be exceptional.

    You got to love your topic. You got to love talking (writing)
    about it. And you got to be at least a little bit good with the
    communication skills part.

    The DataRat


  • @DataRat

    Yep, it’s a pity it got so inactive. :( I think there was change of authors and something like that over there and overall it never came back on track.

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