Moved to another hosting

Rarst.net is more or less settled in new place by now, courtesy of WPWebHost and my WordPress story that landed me in winners of their recent contest.

Move was (luckily) uneventful so just a short recap and few links on topic.


I probably won’t make accurate value evaluation since I am getting freebie here. First impressions:

  • 50Gb space is very nice, especially up from 100Mb;
  • 500Gb bandwidth seems plenty for now, old host had unlimited but had many more restrictions in other things;
  • I clicked server status few times and it always hover on only few percent CPU load and ~10% memory load – not oversold for shared;
  • performance is about same subjectively, on other hand I keep blog light and fast;
  • cPanel is bliss after year with homebrew stuff at old host.


Very smooth. WordPress seems to be coded with such stuff in mind. I was offered option to provide support my account details at old host.

Decided not to bother and moved stuff myself, armed with official moving guide. Took some time to get all files from old host (no server-side file management) – downloading over seven hundred images is nasty.

On new host uploaded single archive and unpacked.

Fantastico (script providing simplified install for different CMS) offered outdated WP 2.8.2 so I unpacked clean copy myself and uploaded my database to skip install routine.

Then updated domain details and coded AutoIt script to alert me when IP gets updated:

While 1
	If $old<>$current Then Beep()

zlib compression got broken (typical), will take me some time to figure out proper settings on new host. On WP side only had to reboot HyperCache plugin and just found that archives are broken.


On the marketing side Luis handled all contest details with me. Very helpful and promptly fixed signup screw-up (script handling that bounced me off as fraud-likely).

On technical support side it is bit mixed. Questions are handled by whomever is available at moment, so I had emails from five or so different techs by now. Few real wtf moments with inaccurate information, overall above average. I am no good talking to support anyway. :)


Will see how it goes over time, for now I am pleased with technical side and naturally even more pleased with it being free. Kudos to WPWebHost for their continuous promotions. :)

If anything out of place or behaves weird please tell me!

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  • Martin #

    You are lucky. It took me about 16 hours to upload all Ghacks files to the new server :)
  • Rarst #

    @Martin Ouch. :) Was it one by one or with archive? I guess for extremely large amount of files I'd prefer to use direct FTP to FTP transfer if available or even code script for new host to leech everything of old one.
  • Mezanul #

    Congrats on moving to a better host with loads of bandwidth and disk space! If the server status is true then I must tell WPWebHost is good for Wordpress blogs on shared hosting, where others just starts telling you to get VPS if your site starts receiving traffic.
  • Rarst #

    @Mezanul I am hardly at "go buy VPS" traffic stage. Don't know if I should be unhappy about that, or happy for my powerful optimization and caching skills. :)
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