What is a blog?

This post probably falls to the off-topics category. I am keeping it short not because of that but because these are words I wrote for it. No more, no less. :)

Blog is a site you are reading today.
Knowing it was written yesterday.
Expecting it to be written tomorrow.

This is what a blog is for me. I hope this site is a blog. I hope it will stay a blog for a long time.

What is a blog for you?

for “What is a blog?” group writing project (project roundup)

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  • Toni Duprey #

    How un-cynical of you! A very beautiful piece of literature!
  • Rarst #

    I have my moments. Was sleepy and not too snarky when I wrote that. :)
  • The River Otter #

    I saw your haikuesque poem on dailyblogtips and thought it was just so true and perfect. :)
  • Rarst #

    @The River Otter Glad you liked it. Hope you like my blog as well. :)