• I hope my blog doesn’t fall into #3 too soon… ;) I’m getting myself prepared to write my new year resolution. But wait! when was the last time I wrote my resolution..


  • @Yan

    You are doing good so far. :)

  • Oh, I totally go under number 4! When you just sit and click on all the same pages for the hundredth time this day…. Refreshing bloglines/google reader to see if anything new has happened… MUST. GO. NOW. :D

  • @Klemen

    Yeah, sitting and refreshing stuff is just evil. :( I hate services/sites that require refreshing. Need to install some client for twitter – refreshing that thing can really eat attention.

  • I definiately need to follow you on #4. To be honest, the internet can be kind of addicting.

    • @Denise

      It’s interesting how people relate to “less Internet” as Internet goal. :) I don’t consider Internet especially addicting (for me computing in general is addiction) but it’s easy to miss a point when tool becomes bad habit.

      Welcome to blog and thanks for your comment. :)

  • Well, at least your addicted to something isn’t harmful for you. It can benefit you.

  • @Denise

    Yeah, there are certainly worse things to be addicted to. :) Still excessive addiction to anything is hardly good so restrain is needed at times.

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