My Internet goals for 2009

I spend quite a chunk of my time online. Still I never really put together what I want from it. It’s too soon for my next blogging milestone and escape into number-crunching of stats.

So what are my goals online for next year?

  1. Learn the new tools I found recently (Yahoo Pipes , PostRank , NewsGator , etc) and find some more.
  2. Build some bridges of communication to people around, since starting this blog my Internet experience became more social.
  3. Learn to drop services, sites and blogs I no longer enjoy sooner instead of sticking with them to the last.
  4. Learn to turn it off and go to sleep instead of staring at screen when I don’t really need anything online.
  5. Stick with managing this blog and see where it gets me.

Not too deep, eh? :) Still keep it simple principle rarely fails me.

This post was written for “ What Are Your Internet Goals for 2009? group writing project.

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  • Blog for Beginners #

    I hope my blog doesn't fall into #3 too soon... ;) I'm getting myself prepared to write my new year resolution. But wait! when was the last time I wrote my resolution.. Yan
  • Rarst #

    @Yan You are doing good so far. :)
  • Klemen #

    Oh, I totally go under number 4! When you just sit and click on all the same pages for the hundredth time this day.... Refreshing bloglines/google reader to see if anything new has happened... MUST. GO. NOW. :D
  • Rarst #

    @Klemen Yeah, sitting and refreshing stuff is just evil. :( I hate services/sites that require refreshing. Need to install some client for twitter - refreshing that thing can really eat attention.
  • Denise #

    I definiately need to follow you on #4. To be honest, the internet can be kind of addicting.
  • Rarst #

    @Denise It's interesting how people relate to "less Internet" as Internet goal. :) I don't consider Internet especially addicting (for me computing in general is addiction) but it's easy to miss a point when tool becomes bad habit. Welcome to blog and thanks for your comment. :)
  • Denise #

    Well, at least your addicted to something isn't harmful for you. It can benefit you.
  • Rarst #

    @Denise Yeah, there are certainly worse things to be addicted to. :) Still excessive addiction to anything is hardly good so restrain is needed at times.