• Chocobito

    Wow, I just was using that page for looking a free alternative to AutoPlay right now, to shame that I didn’t find something like that, anyways is a really good place for looking for other software. Rarst, if you know some free soft to make a launcher or a menu for a software collection pls let me know :)

  • @Chocobito

    Launchers are tough topic… On desktop I use oldish SmartStartMenu. It’s not perfect, but best balance of flexibility and ease of use I found so far.

    Unfortunately it’s built as completely non-portable. That makes life on the go much harder. I couldn’t really find portable launcher I was content with.

    Currently I have weak hope that I will like upcoming stable release of new PortableApps launcher, because it will have auto-update of their apps (which will be major benefit to use it).

  • Sandrina

    I use it from time to time, it is certainly one more interesting way to discover new software.

  • @Sandrina

    I think trend in file portals definitely shifts from simply amassing a lot of software to helping actually find something that you need from the mass.

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