• Lol, I’d write a review but I suppose you’re looking forward to opinions from experienced bloggers / web developers :)

  • @Ky

    I am looking for opinions from anyone and especially my readers. You can’t know what details are obvious to you but totally invisible for me! :) I am not experienced blogger/developer myself but my comments where winners three times already.

    It’s not about arcane knowledge, it’s about good honest feedback.

    So if you have bit of free time please do participate. :)

  • patel

    Hey Rarst, You are running a nice blog here. I would like to invite you to enter yourself in a contest for a chance to win a free blog review from me. Just subscribe to my RSS feed by EMAIL and let me know you have by emailing me or commenting under my “Giveaway” post. Good luck and Happy Blogging!!

  • @patel

    I know that it is popular technique to get subscribers but I don’t subscribe by email if I can by RSS. My productivity is more important to me than trying to get every freebie for every email subscription possible. :)

    Thanks for dropping by, nice articles at your blog btw.

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