• I have to agree with your views that – “however readers that subscribe to RSS are often power users least likely to interact with ads.”
    You’ve hit the nail on the head here. I read a lot of pages in RSS (this page included), but then come out of my feed reader to comment.
    I am unlikely to click an ad, but I may see your interesting post and want to share it with others or link to it. Great post Rarst.

  • @Jonny

    Exactly my point. Power users might not be ad clickers… But they are often those who are willing to spend their time to spread and promote something.

    If site only wants paying readers then it should ask for monthly fee to access. Wait, then community won’t send a thing their way and those who did are likely to pull their work.

    I understand line is very thin here. I had seen too many sites with ToS so crazy no one cared. How far can restrictions effectively go if you are unwilling to close access?.. Who would care about restrictions you are incapable or unwilling to enforce?

    I realize might be slipping into grab-it mentality. Again – how wrong is grabbing mentality on freely accessible site? :)

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