• Quite interesting. I subscribed to the feed (my number of subscriptions is now going out of control…) and will see if I can get some good stuff from the blog.

  • @Ben

    Tell me about it… I almost hit two hundred RSS channels in my reader recently. Keep killing fluff for last few days.

    Hope you find value in Brad’s blog. You know I’d not bother with review if it was too generic. :)

  • Hi Rarst.

    Excellent review of the site.. I definitely like seeing what the readers think about the content, design and overall appeal of what I do.

    I will put your suggestions into play for future articles/tweaks that I decide to do on Bradblogging.com

    Good luck in the contest.
    Thanks again.


  • @Brad

    Well, lottery part is luck but review part isn’t. :) It seems mine is only review entry so far?

    Looking forward to results and thanks for organizing contest with opportunity to actually write and be useful.

  • wow, I wasn’t really expecting you to do a review on blogging-related blog but that’s a good one, Rarst. The fact that you did the review to be part of the contest shows how generous yu are with your effort.


  • @Yan

    Yeah, I know that metablogging is not exactly my topic but why not? :) It’s not like I am chained to writing about software. I think that uncommon posts are good for occasional change of pace.

    I am exploring group writings and contests lately. Not “subscribe to win” but those that actually give you topic to write about for participating. And if you win that’s plenty of prize value and promotion as well.

  • Yeah, it’s quiet a refreshing break from the usual technical stuffs… Hope to see more of such review from you..


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