BlogBradding... I mean BradBlogging review

bradblogging_icon If you want to get valuable opinions you should learn to give some. Today’s review is going to be more in-depth than my usual “Look! Cool blog !”.

BradBlogging.com is blog about blogging by Brad Dolley. I struggled to cut words but that’s still three times blog and two times Brad in one sentence - what a pain to write about. :)

Topics and content

Blog covers usual metablogging field from traffic to design aspects. There is no regular post schedule (at least I can’t detect any). With wide range of topics it turns blog into one of those that you follow to read something nice, not something specific.

Posts have lots and lots of author’s personality in them. Which is great and one of the best aspects of blogging in my opinion. I mean everyone knows that post titles must be good but how many bother to come up with examples and touch of personal experience while posting about that?

What strikes me as especially charming is that Brad seems to (un)intentionally match reader’s train of thought. He writes about his experiences but it really clicks in your mind like something you did or thought about. Some bloggers really try to push “you” on their readers. Brad says “I " but you think “me too! " about that.

Design and usability

After recent redesign blog is still in fresh but unpolished state. New look is really spacious with minimum of clutter or border to frame main parts. It has curious draft-like looks. What goes where seems decided but not nailed. Content area is broad and fluid which you may like or hate but it’s still bold move.

Single sidebar obviously got most of attention from crown of giant RSS button to large bright bullets on lists, different in every section. There are also really bright green rollovers on all links - something I’d usually expect from darker theme.



Navigation could use some improvements. It’s hard to quickly grasp which topics get most attention and how consistent content is over time. Static pages are also lacking and making wonder what is the difference between connect and contact.



Theme really uses bright color spots to the fullest. Makes it memorable without resorting to huge images (maybe except RSS icon) and other overly eye-popping methods.

Interaction with readers

I am not following blog for very long but I think Brad takes his readers seriously. Comments get replies and he is likely to visit your blog in response as well. Sidebar has dofollowed list of top commenters (holy grail of link builders). Brad’s profile on blogcatalog says that he is always willing to exchange feed subscriptions (feed listed there is not of BradBlogging but I assume offer still applies).

Subscriber count is around 140. Seems moderate for blog approaching end of first year. However there was some real work done on link building and it achieved more than solid Technorati authority of 250+ .


I don’t think that blog provides especially exclusive content. Still if reading same blogging about blogging things that are all over blogosphere - I’d prefer to read them from blog that has personality behind it. Brad’s definitely does.

Link http://bradblogging.com/

RSS http://feeds.feedburner.com/bradblogging

Disclosure. This post was written for BradBlogging October Contest which may have influenced review size but left its tone and my opinion untouched.

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  • Ben - frogstr.com #

    Quite interesting. I subscribed to the feed (my number of subscriptions is now going out of control...) and will see if I can get some good stuff from the blog.
  • Rarst #

    @Ben Tell me about it... I almost hit two hundred RSS channels in my reader recently. Keep killing fluff for last few days. Hope you find value in Brad's blog. You know I'd not bother with review if it was too generic. :)
  • Brad Blogging.com #

    Hi Rarst. Excellent review of the site.. I definitely like seeing what the readers think about the content, design and overall appeal of what I do. I will put your suggestions into play for future articles/tweaks that I decide to do on Bradblogging.com Good luck in the contest. Thanks again. Brad.
  • Rarst #

    @Brad Well, lottery part is luck but review part isn't. :) It seems mine is only review entry so far? Looking forward to results and thanks for organizing contest with opportunity to actually write and be useful.
  • Blog for Beginners #

    wow, I wasn't really expecting you to do a review on blogging-related blog but that's a good one, Rarst. The fact that you did the review to be part of the contest shows how generous yu are with your effort. Yan
  • Rarst #

    @Yan Yeah, I know that metablogging is not exactly my topic but why not? :) It's not like I am chained to writing about software. I think that uncommon posts are good for occasional change of pace. I am exploring group writings and contests lately. Not "subscribe to win" but those that actually give you topic to write about for participating. And if you win that's plenty of prize value and promotion as well.
  • Blog for Beginners #

    Yeah, it's quiet a refreshing break from the usual technical stuffs... Hope to see more of such review from you.. Yan