The Guild – online sitcom about MMORPG players

I’ve been little unenthusiastic about software lately (flu, too many holidays, household changes, whatever) and so got to backlog of books (around two dozen) and anime (around 100GB).

Anyway among those two piles I also got to watching The Guild – online comedy series about group of MMORPG players. I’ve always been slow with adopting online video and probably last person on Internet to discover this series… Anyway it’s best I have for the evening, bear with it.

What it is about

Show covers life (or lack of one) of the guild in online game. It aims to smash boring kid-in-basement stereotype and features set of very different characters. I mean out of game characters, we don’t get to look at their screens.

As for game being played it tries to stay neutral (trademarks, blah-blah) but still seems to come with heavy tint of World of Warcraft. Coming from a person who had never seen World of Warcraft and had long preferred skill-based systems over level-based this assessment might not be accurate. :)

There are already three seasons by now and they are primarily distributed for free on YouTube.

Good parts

Dialogs and situations are wonderful in a fitting asocial and slightly psychotic way. It is a lot of fun to watch, even if that fun might not be very mainstream. :)

Bad parts

Show is quite trashy, not the kind that swipes you with great decorations and outstanding actor performance. Nothing really bad about that, but it takes certain mood and taste to enjoy properly. Also despite cliffhangers it doesn’t really drive you to watch in single sweep, more like having tab open to fill occasional pause.


One of the best instances of gaming humor in video since Gamers. I make no promises but if you read this blog I suspect you might like it – do try to watch first episode at least. :)

Link http://www.watchtheguild.com/

PS and this is related clip that got me into show in first place.

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  • Sandrina #

    Being a casual online gamer myself I must say that this show is really good. :)
  • Rarst #

    @Sandrina Yeah, I just finished watching third season this week. :) Plenty of ROFL moments.