Update on Skribit widget

Skribit had shut down on 2011–04–19.

Skribit I had recently made a post on Skribit service (that I want to use for receiving suggestions from readers). I wrote that their widget seems to be down. After some troubleshooting it turned out to be a problem on my end. Sorry for mistake. :( My adblocker got too suspicious and browser cached broken JavaScript so I couldn’t figure it out for some time.

After that I was able to test widget properly… And decided not to use it. My reason is - JavaScript code of that widget is very heavy, it adds 300+Kb of data to the page. That’s like three times rest of page combined. I had endured huge optimization with YSlow and just not willing to drop my desire for very light and fast loading pages.

I had submitted question about widget weight on Skribit support page. In fact I could just mail it, but that getsatisfaction.com service they are using for support is way too cool. :) I got reply from Calvin that they are aware of weight problem and going to address it in the next version of widget (no date to expect it stated).

So I am going to stick with link for now. Still waiting for the first brave soul to actually make a suggestion through it. :)

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