• The DataRat


    “Must not present disparaging,
    misleading, or false information
    about Autodesk’s content,
    services, or products”


    Were your comments about “very sluggish”, “not match with real world”,
    etc. in the prohibited “disparaging” category of the Consent for Linking ?

    And how does Autodesk figure anyone needs their consent to link to one of the Web pages ? They own the Net ?


    The DataRat


  • Interesting but more is funny is the link to Autodesk consent for linking

    I wonder if you have just broken the concent.

    # Must not “deep link” to Autodesk’s content, information, products, or services.

    I can see a email coming soon! ;)

  • @DataRat

    Such a thoughtful document, right? :) What would poor bloggers do without consent for linking graciously given.

    @Web Design Preston

    I was wondering if anyone will catch that extra bit. Adds to the irony, doesn’t it? :)

  • @ Rarst

    You’ll have to keep us posted on what happens, I dont honestly see how they can monitor or police it.

  • @Web Design Preston

    I doubt anything will. I looked around and I am hardly first one to make fun of that policy.

    If something does – well that’s my bad luck then. :)

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