• Just by seeing my name mentioned makes me want to post another comment! Woo! :)

    Keep up the good work!

  • @Diego

    Wow, what a fast response. :) Practice makes better I guess. Thanks and will do.

  • Not seeing my name – is not gonna make me leave and stay-a-away….
    Will keep coming till ya mention me…. oh… and after that I will keep coming… ;)

    Nice posts – nice statistics.
    Not going to do this (yet) – would be sad…. all kinds of low numbers.

  • @Sjeltur

    I couldn’t fit 150+ names in the post but that doesn’t mean I am less glad to have rest (or even those who don’t comment at all). :)

    Well, the point of doing statistics showcases is having some stats to show. :) And it sure takes time to get those. I am sticking to three months milestones for general stuff but wanted more specific post for comments.

  • Rarst, I am again here. Raider! Will now read lot of pending posts and leave comments :)

  • Adding one more point. I would like to also become any of the above category for my blog. I don’t see you at all on my blog.

    Come on. I don’t post cricket content always.

  • Wow, that’s one detailed explanation. Maybe I should do this on my blog too, show some appreciations..

    Congrats Rarst, on the milestone. And thanks for the trackback :)

  • What a nice way of doing this. I have noticed that many celebrate their first 1000 comments in some or other way. You have added some interesting facts about the commenters here. You have gone to a lot of trouble to collect this information.

  • @Nihar

    Gosh, you did that again. :) On your blog I am long in the lurker category.


    Yeah, I know I am boring. :) Thanks for sticking with my blog!


    Yeah, took some time to put it together. But not hard post to do, it’s good to relax and pitch some stats once in a while. Thanks for always being around and commenting! :)

  • Excellent Milestone – Nice to have my name in there too! I’m not lurking so much anymore. :)

  • @Jonny

    Yeah, but you was. :)

  • Donace

    congratz on the 1k mark!i’m still only at 380ish, though my last few posts have been getting 20 comments each so on my current rate so in 42 posts I should get 1k! lol

    Congratz and thanks for the link!

  • @Donace

    Thanks. :) 20 comments per post is pretty good, I rarely get that much.

  • Donace

    Then again Rarst I post once a week; you post every day, not to mention half of those 20 is me replying!

  • @Donace

    Yeah, I am thinking of reducing posting rate bit more. I do 6 posts per week at moment. When I am in a mood it’s easy, when not – it can suck. :)

  • so when are you making on to my blog?

  • @Nihar

    I had my lurking raid there this month. :) btw I had added you in GTalk.

  • Angelo R.

    @Rarst First off, thanks for the mention! I feel bad though, cause I’m the only one who doesn’t link to a blog or anything.. makes me want to get my old one up and running again.

    Secondly, with regards to posts, maybe you should accept guest posts as well.. maybe once a week you could review them and put up a good one. It’s good PR for those who are looking to push their own blogs as well and it’s fun for those who just like writing about software.

    I’m sure with the great caliber of commenters that you’ve accumulated, you’ll be rolling in great content in no time!

  • @Angelo

    Thanks for awesome extensive comments! :)

    It’s not that I don’t accept guest posts – just never asked for those and no one offered. Blog is really far from caliber when people want to get on it for promotion. :)

  • I can’t believe I didn’t comment in here when you link back to me…Sorry mate and thanks a lot for the link!

    As for what posts drive comments, I find it difficult to predict. Sometimes I write post I’m sure will get Retweeted, receive lots of comments, etc and they almost get no exposures. Sometimes I write a post I think doesn’t deserve much attention and traffic to it skyrocket… Anyway. Straight to the points articles about popular subjects seems to work well. But then again, do I want to be like everyone else? That’s another question!



  • @Ben

    Yeah, hadn’t seen much of you lately (and you talk about work all the time). :)

    And we definitely are far from good at being like everyone else! :)

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