• SVG without followers ?
    Actually people from various backgrounds are not just following it, they’re using it, see a broad collection of examples via http://svg.startpagina.nl

  • @stelt

    There are always fans to any technology. But where is mainstream support? :) Show me mainstream site using SVG graphics, show me popular blog theme using scalable images.

    I think closest example will be Wikipedia but even there SVG is thumbnailed in PNG for display.

    SVG is around seven years old? RSS is close as far as I remember. Compare the scale both are adopted at moment.

    Thanks for your visit and comment. :)

  • @stelt

    Thanks for links, I’ll study them. :)

    >RSS (use) is easier to implement, doesn’t have as much competition, is easier to explain to general public, is more visible when used.

    That’s exactly what post is about. Success of technology online depends on all of that and more. There are a lot of gears clicking and unfortunately being awesome technology is often not enough.

  • To make matters worse, they are currently developing HTML 5 as well as XHTML 2. The future could hold some more confusing things in store for all of us.

  • @Lyndi

    Curious thing is proper development doesn’t alway lead to wide adoption. It took some time to adopt XHTML, I don’t think it can be phased out easily.

  • Got to know new things after reading this. I should find out what the exact diff between HTML and XHTML. also read about SVG.

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