• @Ishan

    Well, it’s no feat from me – just following alphabet. :)

  • JeeMan

    Wow, thanks for eztv.it, you’ve made my search for tv shows easier!

  • Hey Rarst, interesting to see what you came up with. You don’t like online video? I prefer a big screen, but I’ve watched some excellent videos on TED.com and other places.

  • @JeeMan

    :) I must note that they are suffering continious site overload because of recent changes at mininova. Site is hardly loading at times.


    Not that I dislike it…

    Internet connections around here only became fast enough some years ago, I don’t have video habit formed.

    I do appreciate interesting video, as long as it is short. I would be more comfortable and productive spending time reading rather than watching long video.

    Thanks for dropping by! :)

  • A slow net connection can definitely affect how much we like online videos, Rarst. No doubt. Coincidentally, I’ve just published my first video blog post in about seven months.

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