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ghacks It seems I just keep referring to gHacks so it’s better to post on it properly.

gHacks is popular and massive (I think it reached 750 pages of posts today) blog. It belongs to Grand Effect blog network and is led by Martin Brinkmann. There is also number of other authors contributing (I am not listing names cause I fear to forget someone :) ).

Blog features a lot of original content on usual IT-related topics. It has good coverage of software including previously mentioned software update digests. Firefox coverage is probably too good (bordering annoying in my opinion :) ), but Martin appreciates Opera as well.

Visually blog features beautiful custom-made orange theme… featured until it was pulled and replaced with old one again (blue is so not my color). Martin, readership really liked new one and expecting it back! :)

So first but not last blog to take place in my sidebar it is.

Link http://www.ghacks.net/
RSS http://feeds.feedburner.com/Ghacksnet

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