How to check if port is open with YouGetSignal.com

yougetsignal_icon One of the most confusing issues with setup of software that heavily uses network is getting open ports right. Partly because of technical details but mostly because it is somewhat hard to check and confirm as working.

YouGetSignal provides few web-based networking tools, including excellent port checker.

What ports are

Ports are part of networking technology. In simple terms when you use specific Internet protocol your software is connecting to specific port. There is actually no reason you should care about those – until you need to provide others access to your computer.

Server software and most of peer to peer software (like torrent clients) relies on having open port, ready for incoming connections. Without open port:

  • at best performance would be degraded;
  • at worst it won’t work at all.

Common reasons that prevent incoming connections are:

  • problems with network setup;
  • hardware routers;
  • security software (firewall).

Worth noting that security software is completely right in blocking unwanted open ports because viruses are happy of use some of those for exploits.

Port forwarding tester

Testing open port requires incoming connection on that port. Since you can’t send incoming connection to yourself some external help is needed.

Port forwarding tester allows to easily check if port is open by creating test connection to your IP address and specific port (actually to any IP or host address if you need that).



It also lists common ports as reference and allows to quickly test those one by one or in bulk.


Simple and efficient tool for testing open ports. Not suitable as mass port scanner like some alternatives but its purpose is not security checkups either – makes it more user friendly.

Link http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/

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    http://isopen.org can also help to check the open ports
  • Rarst #

    @isopen Checked it out. Works but somewhat rough in design and functions. :)
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    you can use free tool for that http://porttest.blogspot.com/