• I would rate the chances of Twitter replacing RSS a bit lower than you just have. I cannot even see how the two can be compared, let alone the one replacing the other.

  • @Lyndi

    That would probably be like chances of frost in hell? :)

    Problem with popular IT products that dedicated fan base starts to confuse their favorite stuff with IT in general. Versatility doesn’t mean single tool capable of everything, it means plenty of tools to choose from.

  • Yeah, no chances for twitter to replace RSS. Twitter is a social network as you mentioned and there’s no way it can replace RSS…two very different things.

    I think it’s easy for people to confuse twitter/RSS because you can post your blog updates on twitter so it might seem like a rss feed, but that’s just wrong. Twitter still give me the extra kick in the butt to read some posts… ;)

  • @Ben

    It’s also curious how some people say that posting blog updates to twitter is so terrible and should be avoided.

    Guess not everyone wants it to be RSS feed. :)

  • @Brad

    Well, depends on amount of information in point and rudeness of words used (some slang can really compress emotional coloring). :)

  • @Brad

    Yep, twitter unsuitable for complex things doesn’t mean there are no other uses for it. :)

  • I COMPLETELY agree…haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet….i’m resisting it even though i see it everywhere.

    by the by…i love the statement theme.

  • @Jeff

    Well, Twitter IS something worth trying probably. But it’s not an ultimate solution to anything. I react badly to fanboy behaviour and Twitter has lots of that.

    Thanks, I tweak it all the time and more tweaks are coming so it’s somewhat different form original Statement already. :)

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