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I know that you, my precious readers, form some opinions about this blog. You evaluate content usefulness, design prettiness, ads ugliness… And after that you take actions based on that opinions - like reading posts or running away forever.

However I also know that it is tricky to get that opinion out of you directly. Getting reviewed (preferably for free and honestly) is probably best way to get opinion about blog.

BloggingTips had recently launched Reader Blog Critique project.

How it works

Bloggers submit their blogs. They must pass minimum requirements :

  • 3+ months old;
  • 250+ subscribers;
  • actively updated.

Blog readers submit their feedback both answering owner’s questions and adding whatever they want to it.

There are some monetary prizes for best feedback but they are not really focus of project. I won (and donated away) $10 so far. :)

Why it works

I think the best thing that project connects bloggers that want to get feedback with readers that want to give feedback. We can be either or both but we need opportunity to meet to make it work. That project creates such opportunity.

Want to chew my bones in there?

Unfortunately I am still short of abovementioned entry requirements. Time will fix age and I hope my readers will fix subscriber count by then. I am confidently over hundred at moment so it seems pretty realistic. Subscribe (shameless call to action) ! :)

And I am always happy to hear your opinions - here without any projects.

Link http://www.bloggingtips.com/reader-blog-critique/

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  • Lucas #

    I wanted to join this, but unfortunately my blog is not yet even one month old. Oh well. :)
  • Rarst #

    Well, our day will come... Until that I am having lots of fun as critique there. :)
  • Yan Shall Blog #

    Oh I'm not even aware of such project but then I don't have that many subscribers to qualify either. Will be looking into it later in a day. By the way, Rarst, how long this blog of yours has been in existence? Yan
  • Rarst #

    >Oh I’m not even aware of such project but then I don’t have that many subscribers to qualify either. I'd never say that you are short judging by awesome comment activity at your blog. Still number of subscribers seem to vary great deal between blogs. It's hard to draw conclusions from it. Still you are ahead of me with 160+ against 120+ of mine. :) >By the way, Rarst, how long this blog of yours has been in existence? Since first half of July.
  • Ben #

    Great stuff. I unfortunately don't fit the subscriber count but it's so easy to trick the RSS subscriber count with feedburner. It's not something I would do, but still extremely easy! Anyway, I'll have a look. Good find rarst!
  • Yan Shall Blog #

    Well, I thank you for being part of that community and hey, 120+ in 2 months is a great feat if you ask me.. Yan
  • Rarst #

    >I unfortunately don’t fit the subscriber count Heh... 250 seems like a serious number to reach. :) Probably that's why it is set around that in requirements. >120+ in 2 months is a great feat if you ask me It's hard for me to judge what's great and what's not. :) Some people go on for year and never reach hundred, some reach thousand in few weeks. Number of subscribers is strange stat. Still I appreciate every reader be it subscriber or not. It was very lonely here in first month. :)