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simpledesktops_icon Despite my… syndicating differences with Interfacelift I still regard them as primary source of high quality wallpapers. On other hand most of those are photographic and heavy on details.

Amit Agarwal had posted yesterday about Simple Desktops which offers wallpapers of just as high quality but simple and minimalistic in content.

What it offers

Site is ongoing collection of wallpapers that strive to escape excessive eye-candy, but remain pleasant and interesting.


All wallpapers come from submissions, site itself merely hosts them.


There are several strict rules wallpapers must follow:

  • single 2560×1600 resolution, no choice but large enough to be easily resized or cropped to any size needed;
  • no gradients, shadows, etc;
  • no words;
  • no attribution on image.

These rules effectively subdue explosive graphics in favor of those that are clear and simple.


Can’t say I love every wallpaper on site, some will only tick if interests match, others play with color schemes that border unpleasant for my taste. Still concept is great, there are enough to choose from and new ones are getting added.


PS I wonder if I release JBS-compatible feed for this – will it explode in my face as well. :)

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    Sorry, Rarst, but I found them adolescent to insipid.


    The DataRat


  • @DataRat

    Nothing to be sorry about, this style is clearly very niche. Still objectively quality is good and good wallpapers are hard to come by.

  • .

    “style is clearly very niche.
    Still objectively quality is
    good and good”


    Ahh, “good” ? As in Middle School minimalistic
    ‘Mod’ lunch boxes !

    One expects a baloney sandwich with one or two
    dried-out hard cookies inside !


    The PC Rat


  • @ChrisA

    Thanks for suggestion! I took a quick look and quality seems more than impressive. Will browse it properly tomorrow.

  • .

    “Here’s another nice site”


    Much better !




  • @DataRat

    Well, you did get something out of this after all. ;)

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