• kingpin

    Can’t you see Google is trying outdo Twitter and Facebook with their Wave and Buzz,but with privacy their biggest disregard,I say Thanks but no thanks.What about Yahoo’s MEME?

  • @kingpin

    Well, Wave is not social at all. It’s communicational tool, not time-wasting. :)

    Buzz seems slightly like Twitter but content is backwards. Twitter is to post and syndicating is secondary (at least supposed to be). Buzz syndicates first and people post little (if at all).

    As for privacy – I don’t see Buzz doing anything particularly evil. It was bit too eager to use contacts data, but it had informed about that from the start and changed behavior in few days to suggest only.

    Don’t think I ever even heard about Meme. :)

  • Saurabh

    I see that you have blurred out your labels in Gmail . :) I take it that if the contacts list was visible you would have blurred it as well. Whats the point if suddenly one day Google decides that your contacts page should be visible to the whole world via your profile page?
    They did rectify this but it should have been optional right from the start.

  • @Saurabh

    I didn’t blur labels because I consider those highly private. :) They are just boring stuff like “comments” and “posts”. However this stuff is part of details Google asks for if there is need to verify account ownership. Not wise of a thing to show whole Internet.

    I don’t remembering Google showing my contacts page to anyone. I do remember Google using small set of my most active contacts and explicitly telling me they are displayed on my profile page, as well as providing visible options to disable that.

    As I wrote – Google was too eager to use that info, sure. But total overreaction by people just shows a gap in their email usage and their real feelings towards their contacts. :) I cynically find it hilarious.

  • Saurabh

    Well if you didn’t opt out the first time the only place to remove the contact lists was hidden at the profile page, where I rarely visit. They corrected that later on and made it more prominent. (disclaimer: as far as I remember. :))
    Most major web services ask for your gmail login info for your contacts and most people have little qualms in providing that. It is indeed hypocritical for them to be so concerned about privacy now. But not every user is like that. (at least thoretically.)
    The “small” set of of my active contacts that Google chose was all 22 of them. (yeah I would have loved to follow them which I did. )
    Some people(e.g company professionals) could have had sensitive contacts and many people keep the same email id for work and for personal purposes.
    If you’re trying to convince me that I’m overreacting and I’m hypocritical then perhaps you’re right. :) But if you’re trying to convince me that Google did not have a privacy issue, I won’t agree with you.

  • @Saurabh

    Sorry if it sounded aimed at you, I meant that some people really freaked out and were screaming first and looking at settings second (or never). Peak of stupidity was complaining about Buzz showing publicly (!) shared Google Reader items.

    This most certainly was a privacy issue. Google did screw up a bit. But many treated situation like Google has an huge obligation to babysit their privacy and think for them.

  • Saurabh

    Let the arguments rest. On the other hand I believe that I would be using Google Buzz, especially when I get into college and get a life, where at least people would listen( thanks to auto-follow or auto suggest) rather than twitter which turns out to be rather disappointing for many people who like to believe that they are at the center of the revolving world. :)

  • @Saurabh

    You can always start your own blog, instead trying to make sense of services someone packaged for you as they see fit. ;)

  • I would when I have more time. Till then I have a tumblog, saurabhk.tumblr.com. Its fate is yet undecided. :) (Warning: NO original content whatsoever) I am hoping that I get more time when I get into college.

  • @Saurabh

    Well, Google is not alone with bright idea that if people are lazy to make connections and glue themselves to services… they could be helped with that. :)

  • The DataRat


    Sorry, but I’m completely and utterly without ~any~ idea of
    what Google Buzz could do for me. I also suspect the majority
    of Internet users feel the same way. Waaay too esoteric !
    Maybe the bleeding-edge types can figure this one out, but I’m
    at a total loss.


    The Computer Rodent


  • @DataRat

    It’s more for people who enjoy staring at Twitter or Facebook all day long and tell it is meaningful to get important stuff that way. :)

    My problem is Buzz is no what it delivers, it is that it delivers things I read elsewhere anyway.

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