• I use akismet to catch spam on WordPress and it does make some mistakes sometimes. I couldn’t live without it though because I receive hundred of spam comments everyday (maybe 10-15 on frogstr.com) so processing it manually is not an option. I simply check everyday what spam was caught and approve the valid comments. So yeah, it does make mistakes!

  • @Ben

    Problem with Akismet (as with other external stuff) that is has no clue about context. It’s huge pain when you are trying to talk about prices or something like that in comment. It’s not spam but Akismet is not smart enough to get a difference in context.

    It is also very vulnerable to poisoning. If someone by mistake or deliberately submits (or even fakes) your comments as spam – you are suddenly getting treated as spammer across all blogs using it.

  • I have to use spam filters. I get several spam messages a day on my blog, and my email, the last time I shut it off it was getting nearly 6,000 emails per day. That’s almost one message a second I’d have to delete if I did nothing but delete them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    I think spammers should be arrested, then have a short trial, then be dipped in boiling oil. Slowly dipped in boiling oil. One spam email should mean death.

    They are what is going to eventually shut down the internet and ruin it for everyone. These scumbags, within 10 minutes of my business name being registered, hijacked the domain name and just used it as the return address. Instantly it was blackballed by Yahoo, AOL, Excite, and others. And since 99.5% of my business comes from people who use those services, they virtually shut down my business. Now to send emails I have to use my personal address. That really helps promote and looks professional.

    The law should be- You spam, you die. End of story.

  • @Texas Wanderer

    Notice I didn’t say that spam shouldn’t be dealt with. :) But it should be handled in smart way. There are very few anti-spam methods that are really accurate and effective and they mostly require manual control.

    But rest are often advertised as install and forget. Failing to mention low accuracy because of that.

    By the way 6k emails daily doesn’t look like a spam to me. More like personal denial of service attack. You could try bouncing it for some time, if it is spam it will go away.

    Scary story about your domain. :( That must have sucked.

  • Petevers

    Don’t you hate spam to?

  • @Petevers

    Spam just happens. It’s like weather. Rain or heat just happens, I don’t hate it for that. :)

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