• I’m so bad with managing the information flow. My rss feeds aren’t classified, I receive emails from maybe 10 different places but that’s always the way it ends up even if I try to be organized! ;) I guess that’s the way I work…

  • I am not categorizing feeds either. :) I have them sorted by alphabet, only use different sorting of items inside (by alphabet or by date).

    Opera allows to set nice filters for RSS (and email as well since both are handled by mail client) to sort out something specific but I never got to set them.

  • After reading this post I realized that I’m so disorganized. My bookmarks contain random things from e-books to math stuff. I don’t have folders/categories for them! :o

    Now, please excuse me as I try to organize my Firefox bookmarks. ;)

  • @Lucas

    Yeah, it’s easy to miss a moment when bookmarks turn from collection of good stuff into mess of weirds links you don’t even remember.

    Good luck with sorting – it’s very refreshing experience. :)

  • I never bothered to organize my feeds in Google Reader, but maybe it’s time to do it as the list is growing and I keep subscribing to nice sites like yours which I stumble across on the net .

  • @Ky

    When number of feeds increases it’s getting hard to follow them without some form of organization. :)

    Thanks for your subscription, I’ve subcribed to your blog as well.

  • I keep up with Google Reader and tend to subscribe more to blogs with an owner who interacts with their visitors. *hint*

    I hardly use bookmarks. Firefox tag feature is a great way of saving them though…

  • >tend to subscribe more to blogs with an owner who interacts with their visitors

    Yeah, this helps. :)

    By the way it seems lots of people use Google Reader to read feeds. I never liked online apps much and especially Google (hates Opera).

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