FeedMySearch.com turns googling into RSS

The site had since perished.

feedmysearch_icon RSS may look like an easy concept – take existing content and format it as RSS . However considering purpose of RSS (getting updates ) how do you ensure that content created in the future can reliably get into feed? It is easy in the scope of single blog but hard in the scope of numerous sites or whole Internet.

With the growing adoption of RSS a lot of sites and resources started to solve this issue by offering search-based feeds. Search feed doesn’t rely on specific content, it relies on results given by search process.

FeedMySearch is service that converts Google searches into RSS feeds.

What it does

  1. Type search query as you would in Google (with all syntax goodies).
  2. Choose specific Google service (again – quite a few are supported).
  3. Get a RSS feed (with top 29 search results) you can subscribe to.


There are plenty of tricks around to get such search feeds. In my opinion FeedMySearch ranks high for two reasons:

  • comprehensive support;
  • narrow focus.

It’s one of those services that have very specific purpose. Sometimes I can’t get what I need without building something in Yahoo Pipes but if simple result is needed then simple tool does work best .

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  • TechZoomIn #

    Good site rarst. There are many sites like this..but this one doing better.
  • Rarst #

    @Lax Yep, common task. And when task in common someone who does it best wins. :)
  • Arun #

    Not aware of this before. Thanks Rarst!
  • Rarst #

    @Arun Glad you liked it. :) I cover lots of RSS stuff.