• Congrats on hitting the 2 year milestone with your blog!

    Sorry to hear about all your RL troubles, but it sounds like you’re working through them and that’s always good! I think everyone’s had those moments where they manage to burn most of their bridges but things do get better eventually.

    Good luck with everything!

  • @Angelo

    Well troubles are more or less over by now. And they are far from what blog is about, thus I only mention such stuff rarely and briefly.

    Thank you for sticking around! :)

  • Gueb

    “Lurker or two coming out will be fitting for occasion. ;)”

    I’ll oblige. Congrats on the milestone. :)
    Been visiting for a long time thanks to your comments on gHacks.

    Hope the new theme isn’t missing “cynical thoughts” in the logo. ;)

  • JeeMan

    I have been visiting for the last year (year and a half?), and sometimes commenting.

    I really enjoy most of your posts, because it gives me another view on some stuff I already know – or I learn new stuff on something I did not know existed (i.e. the war about wordpress – that post really got me to think).

    Thanks a lot for interesting reading.

    Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep on visiting. :)

  • @Rarst

    No need to thank me. You keep putting out quality posts, I can’t help but read them. I may not comment on everything, but rest assured I read through every one of your posts – which isn’t something I do with every blogger.

  • @Gueb

    Thank you! :) Luring lurkers out is bit of a sport. I am introvert and much of a lurker myself, so I know how much commitment comments from lurkers mean.

    Martin really cranked up pace lately, I hadn’t commented as much there in recent months.

    And naturally “cynical thoughts” is there and only more prominent in new theme!


    I know most visitors are passing in search of quick fix and I am glad to help them.

    But it really really (really!) rocks to have visitors like you who find all (or at least most) of blog genuinely interesting and useful.



    Reading every post is another praise I value very highly and don’t take for granted. :)

    I staggered a bit after I exhausted my pool of core software, but I think it only makes more interesting to research and write about new things (only not that much, newly discovered stuff takes considerably more time to evaluate).

  • rvdmast

    rarst.net, along with 2 or 3 other sites, has been part of my “morning coffee” since jan. 2009.
    Keep the cynical thoughts coming!

  • @rvdmast

    Will do and glad to have you! Hope that post every other day (for now) is still enough to qualify for morning coffee routine. :)

  • Saurabh

    Congrats! Here’s hoping for more insightful posts(and the new theme soon!)

  • @Saurabh

    Thanks! Insight amount is not as easy, but theme I am working on. :)

  • Congrats. I was at 14-15k visitors a month a couple of months ago and increasing but school ultimately kept me busy. Now that I’ve graduated from undergrad I expect to have more free time as a grad student since I’m not going to be working anymore.

    It’s nice knowing that with goals, it can be done!

  • @Talk Binary

    Congrats on graduating! :) I am done with programming courses myself and now have more free time.

    I won’t really describe my current progress as goal-driven. More like persistence-driven. :) If you write something there are people who search for it out there. Do it for years and amount of what you wrote and people who find it can only increase.

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