• “The Slump” is an universal virus that likes to attack all blogs, in my opinion : )

    I look foward to you crawling out of it, thought I’m still jealous of your overall traffic for a personal blog!

  • Hi Rarst,

    Long time now speak! Sorry for my small contribution to the slump, I haven’t been active on blogs for a while and mine is in a cryogenic state now, waiting to be thawed out sometime in the future!

    I know what you mean about hitting the slump though, I did the same although I did totally neglect it. Mine does attract an inordinate amount of spam though, especially over the past few months. I too am considering what I can do to resolve that. The only way I can see that would actually work is Facebook comments, but something about that just doesn’t sit right.

    Anyway, good luck with the blog, I hope you get out of your slump. Congrats on keeping it going for so long though, a lot don’t get anywhere near this length of time.


  • @Jim Sefton

    Good to see you around and good luck getting your blog alive again. :)

  • Hi Rarst, I’m not new to your blog, but I’m not regular also. I am always amazed to see your blog without any ads.Still you should add ads to your blog, if not on the content than on the sidebar or footer.

  • @Avi

    Why bother? This blog doesn’t have traffic to generate any meaningful revenue from them and dealing with ads means I need to deal with legal and tax aspects, which can be dumb and boring around here.

    You’ll have to get it advertisement free, for now at least. :)

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