• I love the ‘Ducati’ one. I very seldom use a flash disk but I have to agree, you only get what you pay for. The same thing is true about the flash disks (cf disks) used in cameras. Here I had to learn the hard way. Paying a little more is far better than losing tons of photos.

  • @Lyndi

    Ducati is one I bought recently. Awesome electronics inside but bit bulky. People mistake it for lighter.

    Same rules indeed apply to flash cards, only there is no casing issue for them.

  • Delirium

    I have 2 Kingston’s DataTraveler and I’m very happy with it. Decent read and write speeds and very reliable storage. I find it very resistant to falls or even water (I’ve already forgot one in my pocket and it survived the washing machine and the dryer) and it’s doing pretty well with my intense usage.
    There are a lot more people I know uses DataTravelers and they survive pretty nicely. The only DT I know that died was one plugged to a short-circuited motherboard.

    About the Flash cards, I rely on Kingston ones too, and the quality is just as great as the USB flash drives (I’ve never put one of those into the washing machine, though).

  • @Delirium

    Yep, Kingston is well known brand as well. Unfortunately they have only one high-speed model (as far as I know) – DataTraveler HyperX. It is extremely rare and hard to buy where I live so I wasn’t able to check it out.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. :)

  • Rarst, i have never used flash drive. Any type of data transfer i want. i take hard drive :)

  • @Nihar

    I have external hard drive as well. But it’s pretty expensive toy and I don’t like idea using it with all those PCs at work (and elsewhere) that usually have cheap motherboards with questionable power and USB quality.

    I can buy one or two flash drives each year when they die because of that but buying hard drives that often would suck. :)

  • My 640gb external should last me a few days lol.

    I know what you mean though. I don’t have a J.O.B. and I would only use it with computers I knew could handle it.

    BTW, only $150 :)

  • @Dennis Edell

    3.5″ are bulky and require external power. I don’t like to mess with that. I have IDE/SATA to USB adapter in case I need to transfer something large on 3.5″ drive but I won’t use it daily.

    Thanks for visiting and comment. :)

  • SD Card Recovery

    i agree, i like to have top of the line versions of these things, with the reliability i need on mine it is worth it.

  • jrussell88

    Specs are a poor guide to storage performance. Manufacturers quote only a single figure for performance for large file sizes and continuous files – where they get the highest figures – whereas the weaknesses are in small file sizes and random read/writes.

    This may not matter if you’re recording video, but it’s a bottleneck for operating system use – to speed up windows, in a router or in a mobile phone – and there are significant differences in performance.

    Since high speeds on large files is partly at the expense of small file performance this can be why a highly-spec’ed drive can perform disappointingly in practice.

    It would be good to see some real figures from CrystalDiskMark.

  • Blue Babe

    Unless manufacturers start quoting the specifications in full, how do we know if the higher price is just a lesser quality product being sold at a rip-off price? We need manufacturers to give us the details so that we can make an educated choice.

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